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Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Cosmic Power of Kharma:

Khrama is an intriguing concept:

In essence it claims that the universe is trying to balance its huge Cosmic Scales. Thus, whatever we do to others in this life would come back and affect our own. Does it exist? Personally, I like to think that Kharma is real. Yet, if justice was immediate, than what would we really learn from life?

Wouldn't we all be like scared little puppies waiting for the next whack from that huge "folded-up newspaper" in the sky?

No, if justice were immediate their would be no choice but to avoid pain. Thus, we would never really get to experience evil and darkness, because "Kharma" would have wiped them out back when Cain was around!

So, without immediate consequences how can we judge anything as we wade through life? Wondering if the "flue" was a random act of nature; or punishment for cheating at golf? The bottom line is....we can't.

Not with the "Mind of genetically corrupted dirt", anyway.

The "Dirt" body judges based on its own experience, which, when you think about is, is extremely limited by the "where the boat happens to be and what condition it is in when we take over the controls:"

The "Dirt Mind" Relies On:

1. The 5 Senses of Sight, Sense, Touch, Taste and Smell to "make sense of the world"

2. The Scientific method of "observation and consistency". Yes, Science governs the "dirt mind" and the 5 Senses can be decieved.

3. Add to that, the genetic corruptions of a thousand generations and you learn that your emotions, tendencies, and thought process might be a gift from some long dead ancestor.

Looks Like if you rely on your "dirt mind" you might as well be throwing darts at the wall before every decision you make in life. Put on some dark, smeared sunglasses, a set of ear-plugs and wear thick leather gloves and the outcome of your life will be about the same!

Fortunately, we do bring our governing intelligence and "spiritual selves" with us into mortality. The choice is simple: do we let ourselves be governed by what is tried and proven in the eternities...or do we let the "dirt-mind" drag us around from one eventual "disaster" to another?


The "Spiritual Mind" of Man explained:

To understand the immortal part of self is the key to a truly successful life with a truly successful legacy.

Since, the Spiritual mind of man came from the eternities, it understands the laws that exist there. It obeyed them. It recognized them as the binding glue that holds the unseen and eternal kingdom of God together. It is what gives the universe its harmony and Unchanging "permanence".


Thus, we are riding around in a boat that is influenced

by the following:

1. Our own experience with "consequences" and "scientific observation"

2. The experiences of those that gave us our "corrupted genetic code".

3. The influence of Satan and his followers. The influence of evil.

4. The influence of God and His followers.

5. The influence of our "Eternal Selves"; which was pure and undefiled before we got in the boat.

All we have to do is:

1. Realize that there is a war going on between God and Satan for this "world" and everything that exists on it.

2. Realize that the "good guys" are us. The real us. The one decided to "get into the boat!"

3. Realize that this is a "war of extinction". Either Satan, or God, will be banished in the end. Since, we came from God, and our true selves are pure and good, we are on God's side in this battle whether we like it or not!

4. Realize that the real illusion is the "dirt mind" that is so easily decieved by the evil that surrounds us.


The "Dirt Mind" is made of matter, our own and our ancestral experience. IT will naturally gravitate to what it believes is real. It judges on appearances. Thus, if a guy wears the right "costume"; we can be easily decieved.

The Spiritual mind is never decieved. It always knows what is right and what will bring about the greatest amount of good for ourselves and those around us, if we only listen to it.

If we don't; it simply stops talking to us and we get to learn "the hard way" that our choices always have consequences.

Next, The Consequences....